Welcoming Immigrants into Citizenship

SALEM, OR — To celebrate Oregon’s 160th birthday, the office of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson will host the second annual Oregon State Capitol immigration and naturalization ceremony.

This celebration of Oregon and its newest citizens is something that Secretary Richardson instituted during his second month in office in February of 2017. This will be the second time in state history that a naturalization ceremony has been held in Oregon’s capitol building. This year’s ceremony will be held on February 14 at 12:00pm in the House Chamber. A group of 15 individuals will take the oath to become American citizens.

“As a nation created by immigrants, it is fitting that we celebrate the diversity that makes us strong,” said Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. “This is a day like none other for those becoming naturalized citizens and for those who will be there to honor them.”

Secretary Richardson's first appearance in his official capacity as Secretary of State was at a naturalization ceremony in Portland.

Multiple elected officials and community leaders will attend the event. This ceremony is open to the public and the media. It is recommended to arrive by 11:45am.