Audits: Transparency, Accountability, and Integrity

I promised to increase transparency, accountability, and integrity in Oregon government through auditing. We’ve done that for two years and continue strong! 

We disclosed how Oregon’s foster care system was failing our children. We exposed Portland Public School’s inequitable 53% achievement gap between white and African-American students. We revealed that Oregon could close its current $623 million state budget gap through increased efficiency and without new taxes

We’ve discovered approximately $106.2 million in questionable spending in our 2017-18 audits and between $400 million and $1.6 billion in additional questionable spending in our 2018-19 audits. We also continue robust follow-up to ensure that agencies are held accountable for fixing problems identified in past audits. 

Today at 1:00pm, the Secretary of State team will be discussing the draft of the upcoming year’s audit plan with the Joint Committee on Legislative Audits.

Stay tuned. 

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