Secretary Richardson Invites Governor, Treasurer to Join in Increasing Financial Transparency

SALEM, OR — Today, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson sent a letter to Governor Brown and Treasurer Read inviting them to join him in posting all agency financial transactions online in a publicly accessible manner.

"Nearly one year ago, my office began publishing the Secretary of State’s financial reports each month with expanded details," said Secretary Richardson. "Oregonians deserve to know how the state government spends their hard-earned tax dollars.

"Only through full transparency can we ensure that agencies are truly accountable and restore public trust in state government."

Secretary Richardson acknowledged the state's current transparency website but noted that the data is only updated once a year, rather than monthly, and that "scarce details often do not allow Oregonians to understand when or where the state is actually spending money."

"In sum, you have the power to dramatically increase transparency in our state government, and I would gladly join you in this endeavor by sharing what we have learned as we have streamlined our reporting process," said Secretary Richardson. "Let’s work together to increase our state’s financial transparency for the good of all Oregonians."

The full letter can be found on the Secretary of State website.