The Election Daily Report

Today, the Elections Division of the Office of Oregon Secretary of State released the fourth edition of Oregon Election Daily Report video series. 

This edition talks about election night reporting and describes the schedule for the release of voting results over the next few weeks.

“The Oregon Election Reports are a useful tool to learn about the election process and be informed about possible misinformation circulating about this election,” said Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. “I encourage everyone to take time to watch these important updates.” 

This video series is designed to provide voting and election information directly to the voters of Oregon. In the videos, Elections Director Steve Trout answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Oregon’s vote-by-mail system. Director Trout provides accurate and up-to-date information, and he corrects misinformation that is being disseminated by unreliable sources. The videos also address current issues that have arisen in the preceding days that both the media and citizens are asking about.

Please check out today’s Election Daily Report video in which Director Trout talks about election night reporting.

Find previous election reports on the Oregon Elections Division’s YouTube channel