Following Up on Recommendations Made to Department of Administrative Services

Today, the Secretary of State released a report stating that the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) has made significant progress implementing the recommendations made in Report 2017-21, “Department of Administrative Services Should Enhance Succession Planning to Address Workforce Risks and Challenges.”  

In the 2017 succession planning report, auditors issued eight recommendations, all of which DAS agreed with. Implementation of these recommendations would see DAS develop a statewide succession planning strategy, including training and tools for agencies to use when planning for changes in their workforces. According to today’s follow-up report, the agency has implemented six of those recommendations and is nearing completion on the other two.  

“DAS has made considerable progress implementing our recommendations,” said Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. “There is still more work to be done, but DAS’s efforts so far indicate they are committed to ensuring that the state workforce is ready and equipped to serve Oregonians.”

Auditors assess evidence to determine the status of each recommendation and assign it one of three categories: Implemented/Resolved, Partially Implemented, or Not Implemented. Six of the recommendations from the original report are Implemented/Resolved, and two are Partially Implemented. DAS can complete these recommendations by developing performance metrics and training for agencies on the use of its upcoming Workday IT system.

Read the full report on the Secretary of State website.