Investigation Opened on 97 Ballots Turned in Late

SALEM, OR — We have been alerted by the Multnomah County Elections office that two individuals turned in 97 ballots (92 Multnomah County, 4 Clackamas County, 1 Washington County) on Wednesday November 7. It is illegal to count these ballots since they arrived after 8:00pm on Election Day. The voters of these ballots have been mailed a notification. 

ORS 254.470(6) provides that if a person returns a ballot for an elector, they must deposit the ballot at the county elections office, or an official dropbox, not later than two days after receiving the ballot or by 8:00pm on Election Day, whichever comes first.

In cooperation with the Multnomah County Elections office, the Secretary of State has opened an investigation to determine the facts and review the evidence to ensure all parties involved receive due process. Once we conclude our investigation and make a final determination, we will be happy to answer any questions.